Work Permits

During this unprecedented school closure due to COVID-19, we are continuing to serve our job-seeking students and their employers by fulfilling Work Permit requests electronically.  Please note:  All fields (including signatures) must be legible, and all needed fields must be complete. (If a signature is not legible, please also print the name.) Incomplete or illegible permits will be delayed.

Students: Please download and print (or ask your employer to print) the correct form for your age, below. The student will complete the top portion of the permit, and then the employer completes the middle section.  Once both top sections are complete, please scan (or take a CLEAR picture) and send to or A District rep will complete the bottom section and email the completed form back to you to give to your employer. We will retain a copy for your student file.  We will use your TSD Student ID to verify your identity.

Employers: During this time, we cannot provide the colored sheets of paper that correspond to the age of the employee, so please verify that the student’s age listed at the top of the form matches the age you have on file for your employee. Thank you.

Work Permits (click twice on each document to open full screen to print)

First page of the PDF file: WkPmtCA-7Minors1617
First page of the PDF file: WkPmtCA-6MinorsUnder16