A.L.I.C.E. Protocol Information


The Troy School District is implementing a new emergency protocol for crisis incidents. Four parent meetings were held to give information and ask questions. Knowing that not every parent was able to attend, view the presentation to the right by clicking on the image, as well as, looking through the comprehensive list of FAQ and answers below.

ALICE Emergency Response Overview


What is ALICE

ALICE is a non-sequential, emergency protocol that goes well beyond traditional lockdown methods by providing individuals with more options that increase odds of survival during a violent crisis incident. The acronym stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate.

Why is Troy moving to the ALICE method for violent crisis response?

We realize that a violent intruder event can happen any time, any place and for any reason. Consequently, we determined that there is a new standard-of-care which includes introducing proactive, options-based strategies for use if a violent intruder enters a school to conduct harm. Federal and state government recommendations and major law enforcement associations support the employment of these strategies. We have a responsibility to those in our care and employment to do all we can to prepare them for such a rare event, not only in our location but wherever they may find themselves.

Won't school administrators lose control in an emergency, if teachers & students are making their own survival decisions?

Yes, there will be a time when centralized control will be lost. In all past school violent intruder incidents, control is always lost during the initial part of an attack. At that point an attacker is in control. Proactive actions on behalf of potential victims will create chaos. However, the assailant will have to operate in chaos also, making his job of hurting others much more difficult.

How does a school initiate an ALICE emergency response?

Know that an alert can come from the incident itself and not the school. This is an aspect of the ALICE training that staff and students experience. Schools currently use their public address systems to broadcast all crisis alerts. The District will be implementing a new system later this year where all staff in a building will have the ability to initiate a real ALICE Emergency if warranted using an app installed on their Android or iOS capable phone. That notification will also trigger a notification to every computer in the building and the Troy Police Department.

I am concerned because this protocol encourages fighting?

ALICE training teaches the skills needed to “Counter” an attacker’s ability to cause harm through violence and shooting. It does not teach fighting. ALICE uses the concepts of noise, movement, distance, and distractions to make carrying out a violent act very difficult, and if appropriate, teach a swarm technique to take back control as a last resort. All recommendations and training are conducted at age and ability appropriate levels.

I have seen videos of ALICE drills in other school districts where police offers pretend to be dangerous criminals and fire safe-rounds to simulate gunfire. Will Troy be doing that?

All training with students on ALICE including this year’s crisis drills will NOT include simulated gunfire. However, we will still be practicing ALICE elements with students throughout this school year.

How many police officers are assigned to the Troy School District?

The District has one School Resource Officer (John Julian). We have a collaborative relationship with leaders in the City of Troy and the Troy Police Department such that in the event that an increased presence is desired on any campus, the Troy Police Department meets the need. Both parties continue to place value on the School Resource Officer position and maintain a commitment to keeping this in place in the Troy School District.

How will parents be notified in the event of a real ALICE Emergency at the school?

As we have done with school closings or other important school-related incidents, School Messenger will be used to communicate with parents about any threatening situation.

Is the District taking any other steps to "harden" school facilities?

Our District Crisis Committee is constantly evaluating safety and security measures and evaluating options. While we implement ALICE across the District we will continue to evaluate measures like video surveillance coverage and secure entry procedures and many other strategies intended to provide secure environments.

Has ALICE even been tested in an actual situation?

Yes, ALICE trained institutions have experienced several situations where some part(s) of ALICE Training protocols were incorporated, and the outcome was deemed positive. In some cases, attackers were thwarted.

Why wouldn't we just have armed security guards?

Although having an armed security officer would get help on the scene quicker, there are no guarantees that they would be at the right location at just the right time where they could make a difference. Historically, in an active shooter event a shot goes off every four to fifteen seconds. All occupants of a building under assault must know what to do to help themselves until law enforcement arrives.

When will ALICE be implemented?

ALICE will be implemented starting this school year in all buildings. Schools will conduct their three State of Michigan mandated “lockdown” drills using the new ALICE protocol. Teachers, administrators, and key support staff employees and contractors have been trained.

Will students be trained?

Students in Troy will be introduced to ALICE concepts in conjunction with the first crisis drill to be performed this year. Training will be age-appropriate as Troy principals work together to create consistent education for elementary, middle, and high school students as needed. Care will be given so that we provide high quality education to our elementary students without causing fear. We want students prepared and not scared. Elementary principals are working on language appropriate for lower elementary and upper elementary students that takes into consideration their maturity levels. Once the language is developed, our principals will be sharing it with parents so that parents can have conversations before and/or after a drill as desired.

My place of employment uses the "Run, Hide, Fight" protocol. How is ALICE different?

ALICE provides additional options based on research that when employed increase chances of survival. Know that any response that provides defensive options to the potential victims of a violent attack is better than the old “shelter-in-place” model.

What will happen to the old Troy "Code" drill language?

It will no longer exist. We will use two crisis procedures moving forward. One is a minimum-security lockdown similar to our old code yellow that secures everyone in a safe place while regular school business is conducted behind locked doors. The other is an ALICE Emergency. All classroom signage across the District will be updated to reflect these two options.

Will parents be notified in advance of an ALICE drill happening at my school?

Principals will be providing information to parents in their regular communications regarding their drill schedule for this year.

Will any teachers or campus security personnel be concealed fire-arms carriers?

No. The District will maintain weapons-free environments. While having armed individuals on campus would get help on the scene quicker, there are no guarantees that those individuals would be at the right location at just the right time where they could make a difference. All occupants of a building under assault must know what to do to help themselves until law enforcement arrives.

Will the District be purposefully putting objects in classrooms that can be used in an ALICE Emergency?

We are currently investigating the introduction of “go buckets” or “go bags” for every classroom that can be used in case of an ALICE Emergency. Items might include rope, first aid supplies, and whistles. In the meantime, we know our staff members will use their ALICE training to improvise with those materials already in any room during such an emergency.

Where can I get additional information about ALICE?