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TSD  |  Newspaper Supplement

The TSD Supplement to the Troy Times is published 3 times per school year, and is sent to all 30,000-plus homes in the city of Troy.  It includes messages from our Superintendent and School Board, along with stories of interest that span our 4 characteristics of a World Class school district.  Every school in the district is represented by the back page “District Roundup,” and story ideas are always welcome.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, contact Patrice McDonald Rowbal at PRowbal@troy.k12.mi.us

Fall/Winter 2023 TSD Newspaper Edition delivered to your Troy mailbox and viewable on this webpage!  Click image below.

(Accessible Text Supplement Edition for Download)

First page of the PDF file: 113023-1232pm-FALL2023-NOVSupplementWORKINGCOPY