Mission & Vision


Our Mission

The purpose of the Troy School District is to ensure learning for all members of the school community.

Our Vision

The Troy School District will become an exemplary learning community that supports innovation and is committed to continuous improvement. The Troy School District will be a place where a collaborative community develops curriculum, instructional strategies, and assessment to ensure all students learn.

Our exemplary learning community will:

Create a collaborative culture that ensures all students learn

  • A climate that fosters instructional collaboration
  • A community of trust, mutual respect, empathy.
  • An appreciation for diversity
  • A physically safe and well-maintained learning environment

Use ongoing assessments as instruments to design and adapt instruction that ensures quality learning

  • Design formative and summative assessments based on current research.
  • Assessments that measure the curriculum
  • Assessments that consider all learning styles
  • Assessment that include multiple levels of thinking

Continuously research, create, evaluate, and adapt best practice instructional strategies to ensure learning for all students

  • Purposeful use of instructional time
  • Instructional strategies that meet the needs of all learners

Implement a relevant and rigorous curriculum

  • Lessons aligned to the current curriculum benchmarks, grade level content expectations (GLCE) or high school content expectations (HSCE)
  • A comprehensive curriculum designed to ensure that all students have opportunities to exceed local, state, and national standards
  • Innovative programs developed from current research and instructional trends.
Our Goals
  • Literacy: All students will be on track to be college/career ready in literacy.
  • Mathematics: All students will be on track to be college/career ready in mathematics.
  • Science: All students will be on track to be college/career ready in science.
  • Social Studies: All students will be on track to be college/career ready in social studies.
Shared Beliefs
  • The Troy School District is committed to excellence.
  • The Troy School district is a key element in the community and has a responsibility to be a resource for enhancing the quality of life for all citizens.
  • The educational process is a partnership with the entire community including family, business, and community organizations.
  • The educational programs will provide each student the best opportunity to learn, to develop personally and to experience success.
  • Public education is fundamental to the preservation and advancement of freedom, democracy, and an effective free enterprise system.
  • Positive self-concept and respect for others is fundamental to teaching and learning.
  • The educational process will allow for the unique qualities of each individual.