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Community Resources


TPL has many resources for our students, including those available through their Virtual Library Card, which is available to all. In addition, Tutor.com is available through TPL to help students continue their learning from home. More information here: Troy Public Library Resources.

TSD TROY PUBLIC LIBRARY E-CARD: TSD has partnered with the Troy Public Library to provide a free TPL electronic library card for your child—all you need to do is opt-in on PowerSchools

What is an eLibrary Card? 
  • It’s not an actual library card—it’s a “virtual” card. 

  • Students use the code 212739 plus their student ID number to gain access to TPL electronic materials, including eBooks, authoritative information for all levels of student research, global studies, worldwide news and much more! 

Why should I sign up? 
  • Your child will be able to access eBooks and audio books 24/7 through the Sora (secondary students) or Libby app.  

  • Can’t make it to the library? Have them use their iPads to check out and read books! 

  • The eCard can be used for the Teen Homework Help section, which provides students access to databases as well as Tutor.com, a free online homework help service 

My child already has a TPL card. Do I need to sign up? 
  • Your child can use his/her personal TPL card to access these resources, but s/he might not have the physical card accessible at school. Since the ecard uses your child’s ID number, it’s easy for your child to set up and access the TPL resources from school. 

OK, how do I sign up?