Graphic Element Only:  Blogger Nov-Dec 2019
Have a unique tip to share or just want to comment on how we're doing?
...if you have ever had the thought, "I wish I knew more about the website tools in Finalsite and someone would give me ideas on how to apply them to my pages."  Chances are that your hand is up.  We all could use a few tip and tricks of the trade to make our pages pop and free us from using all of our time adding titles to resources.
Now raise your hand if you struggle to keep what you have on your pages fresh and up-to-date.  This is where most of you find yourself - stuck with a creative dilemma. 
Welcome to The Blogger, a monthly melting-pot of info for the TSD Webmaster or Web Editor.  Multiple posts, plenty of practical tools, tips and tactics with tons of great content will help you unleash your creative potential.  You'll be raising your hand to a high-five because your site looks awesome!


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