Mar & Apr 2020 Edition


Have a Unique Topic to Share or Just Want to Comment on How We're Doing

Since many of you have said that you haven't had a chance to apply things you've learned in the previous Blogger editions, we're going to keep this month's edition short.   Go back and review earlier editions or spend time adding these new features to your skill set.  There are only 3 topics with a 4th embedded in the Just for Fun, but they are well worth reading. 

As a Reminder - Stick to the Home Page Standards outlined in the previous edition and found in your Guidebook.  Banners on your home page are restricted and can only be added above the main slideshow, with permission.  This area is reserved for district and community event postings and alert information.

March Topics & Tips

It's been a challenging few weeks for sure, and I'm sure you're pros at social distancing and getting creative with pantry staples.  To spice things up (this doesn't require paprika or cinnamon from the pantry), I've added some Just for Fun features.  No heavy learning, just fun, fun, fun!  Enjoy and stay safe!

April Topics & Tips