iPad Responsibility, Insurance & Damage Information

Where Do I Sign the iPad Responsibility Form?

This form can be found in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  The Student iPad Responsibility Form must be signed by all parents that have students eligible for 1:1 devices.  YOU MUST LOGIN AND SIGN FOR EACH STUDENT.  Click the POWERSCHOOL button to login.  The iPad Damage Fees Chart is also located in the Parent Portal (fees with and without Insurance).



PowerSchool Parent Link


Once logged in click FORMS & LINKS on the left menu and the iPad form will be listed in the center of the screen.  If you have trouble accessing the parent portal, need login assistance or additional parent support, please contact us at

Student iPad Responsibility & Optional Insurance Form - For all Assigned 1:1 TSD ​Students

As with any school property issued to a student, there is a responsibility to take appropriate care of the resource. Just like a textbook, your child may receive a new or refurbished device. The student is responsible for the device at all times. In the event of damage to an iPad, district policies and practices may require a cost be assessed to cover the repair or replacement cost of the device. The fee schedule below is based on use of a TSD-provided device and any damage to it while in use by the student. 

Troy School District has selected a protective iPad case for all district issued iPads.  Students in grades K-2 are provided with a rugged snap on case and a tempered glass screen protector.  Students in ALL grades are provided an iPad with a protective keyboard or rug-ed case.  Both cases have a protective outer shell with a tempered glass screen protector to resist screen and/or iPad shell damage. Students must NEVER remove the case or the tempered glass.  Damage that occurs due to the removal of an iPad case or removal of the tempered glass is considered INTENTIONAL DAMAGE (not covered by insurance) and will incur Intentional Damage fees and disciplinary action.  Removal of an iPad Case may lead to disciplinary action and case replacement/damage fees.

Purchased iPad insurance covers the iPad through the policies school year and summer months.  Insurance expires when a new renewal policy is sent to parents in the Fall.