Additional FAQ's for Parents

Where do I get the Student Responsibility / Insurance form?

This form is required for all students that have a 1:1 device (iPad, Laptop, etc)?  You may opt to purchase or waive the annual device insurance.
If you are a new student, you will be provided this form in your Enrollment Packet. 
At the start of each school year, students and their parents will be provided instruction and a link to read and sign the current year form.

When do students receive their iPads?

Students assigned devices keep them over the summer, unless the device is at the end of it's life-cycle and will be replaced.

New students and those assigned new devices will be receive them within the first 3 weeks from the start of the school year.

Will my student receive a new ipad or refurbished device?

Just like a textbook, your child may receive a new and/or refurbished device.

All refurbished devices undergo a thorough cleaning and inspection process prior to student assignment. 

Is training available for students on how to use the iPad?

Yes. Training is embedded in the curriculum and new students will receive more in-depth orientation from their teacher. 

Can parents opt their student out of using the iPad altogether?

The short answer is no; the benefits of a tool like this can only be achieved if the tool is used by all students.

Consult with your school principal or other administrator for special circumstances.


Can student's install their own apps?

Apps are made available to install via the App Portal that is available on all iPads.  There is a base set of apps that will be pushed out to student iPads by the TSD Technology department in support of classroom instruction. 
Student's do not have access the Apple's App Store.

What accessories will be provided with the iPad?

All 1:1 students will receive a cased iPad, power adapter and power cable from the Troy School District.  Some students will need earphones and/or microphone. Please see your building tech or teacher for earphone recommendations or if they are provided by your school/teacher. 
Some students receive a clip-on stand that attaches to the iPad case.

Is there technical support for student ipads in their school buildings?

Yes. An IT support staff member is available in the building to assist students with technical issues and at the Services Building.

Do students keep their ipad or other device over the summer?

Yes, 1:1 studnets keep their iPads over the summer months, unless directed by the school district. 

Students DO NOT keep the iPad, if they move out of the school district. 

The iPads and the accessories are the property of the Troy School District and must be returned to a designated staff member in your building. 

My student has their own ipad. Can they use their own?

No. The IT department for the Troy School District configures the iPad as a "managed" device to ensure we have consistent security, configuration, apps, and content. 

What happens if an iPad gets damaged, lost or stolen?

With Insurance

The Troy School District is pleased to provide an optional insurance coverage plan for accidentally device damaged.  The annual fee is $10 per student, per device. 
Insurance covers the cost of the first repair for accidental damage.  All subsequent occurrences incur a flat-fee of $50 for repair costs.  
Insurance also covers up to 2 tempered glass replacements per student, per year, with additional replacement costing only $5 per incident. 
Intentional damage is not covered by insurance and may be subject to a fee of up to $300.  
If your device is Lost or Stolen with the insurance plan, a flat-fee of $100 deductible and requires the successful filing of a police report and a copy provided to the school. 
Damage to accessories (case, adapter or cable) is not covered by insurance.

Without Insurance

Without Insurance: If insurance coverage is not purchased, accidental damage repair fees are: $50 for the first instance, $100 for the second instance, and $150 for the third instance.  Each tempered glass replacement carries a fee of $10.  

Accessories are not covered by the insurance plan.  All students are provided with a charging plug and cable when the device is assigned to the student.  Replacement of lost or damaged cables is the responsibility of the student.  Troy School District recommends Apple OEM or Apple Certified replacements. *Note:  Incoming 7th and 8th grade students were instructed to keep their adapter and power cable over the summer and will not be receiving these accessories when they receive their iPad.
Insurance does not cover lost or stolen iPads.  Lost or Stolen iPads are subject to a $300 deductible and requires the successful filing of a police report and a copy provided to the school. 
Intentional damage incidents are subject to a fee up to $300.  
​To best protect the iPad and minimize the chance of damage, proper use of the TSD supplied iPad case and tempered glass screen protector is required. 

How do I Pay for insurance?

Insurance can be paid via PaySchools  or to pay by check payable to Troy School District (reference student name and school on check) and mailed  to Services Building - Tech Dept, 4420 Livernois, Troy, MI 48098

Are there content filtering restrictions on the iPad?

The filtering and restrictions on student iPads do not replace the need for parental supervision.   All usage violations are subject to the terms of the School Code of Conduct and the Troy School District Acceptable Use Policy.