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Technology & iPad Assistance:

See your building's Computer Tech during normal school hours for additional tech support.  If your Computer Tech is not available, please contact the Help Desk at (248) 823-5092 or help@troy.k12.mi.us (M-F, 7:00am - 4:30pm).

For iPad Repairs over the summer - please contact Help Desk at (248) 823-5092 or bring your iPad to Technology Services Building - 4420 Livernois, Troy, MI 48098

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How to Connect to the Internet from Home

How to Use Student iPads Outside of TSD at Home - Troy@Home App has been removed from iPad.
This is how your student will access the internet at home using the TSD filter. This filter provides the same protection at home as it does at school.
This needs to be done when using any Wi-Fi network outside of a TSD building


1. Connect to your home WIFI in settings.
2. Clear History and Website Data. Click Settings > Safari (Left Side of Screen) > Scroll Down and press Clear History and Website Data (Right Side of Screen).
3. Click home button to return to home screen and Click on the Safari App
4. Go to the following webpage: www.Bing.com or www.notpurple.com or www.espn.com or www.pbs.org
5. Go to a different webpage or empty the cache, if you have gone to this webpage before
6. Once prompted - Login with your student username/email and password when prompted on the blocked page.
7. Click Login
8. You are ready to open and use a new tab

It’s VERY IMPORTANT to leave the browser window open. If you want to use Safari, you will need to use a different tab so that the login tab stays open. If you are going to use an app, leave Safari open, and then push the home button to find and open an app.

Video recorded from student iPad showing how to log into Home Wifi Network.

Where do I purchase a Rug-Ed Case for my personal iPad or iPhone?

What is my child's login & password?

Your child's login is their username, consisting of their first initial, middle initial, last name and grad year (Example:  ABSmith25). Passwords are unique to each user and set per the district standards (see Password Info).  If your child has issues logging into WIFI, network devices or forgotten their password, please have them see their Building Computer Tech.  

Password Information

Technology Contact Information


Opt-Out means that iPad is placed in your school's Media Center (or with a specific classroom teacher) and checked in/out daily.  The iPad does not go home with the child; It will be used in the classroom as a learning tool, much as a text book is used. 

​If a child has homework assigned with the device, arrangements will need to be made for the child to use a home computer/device or a paper copy of the assignment.  This does not preclude the child from paying for damage to the device.  If the device is damaged during the time it is checked out to the child, they are responsible for all repair or replacement according to the Student iPad Responsibility Form.

A parent can Opt their child back in at any time.  They will be responsible for signing a new Student iPad Responsibility Form and AUP, if one was not previously signed, so that the student can take the iPad home.  See you Building Principal or Computer Tech for additional information and forms.


Yes, signing the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) will allow your child access and usage of district computers in labs, classrooms, smartboards, iPads, as well as, have district internet access.  It is important that all children have access to the technology offered in the buildings; without a signed AUP, your child will not be able to use these technologies.  Additional information is available form your Building Principal and Computer Tech.  Note:  The AUP is signed one time and is effective until your child graduates, unless the district amends the document. 

The AUP is signed only once, when your child enters the Troy School District, and is kept in their file through 12th grade.
TSD Student Tech AUP
TSD Student Tech AUP


The Troy School District has a policy in place that states that you can not remove the case from the district iPad.  If the case is damaged, you must pay the replacement fee according to the Student iPad Responsibility Form, however, it does not count against an incident/occurrence.  PaySchools, check or cash payment is acceptable.  

Your Building Computer Tech can help test and evaluate the condition of the device, case or accessory and provide options for replacement.  The district has a policy in place that all damage to the device, whether it be - case, device or charging cables, must be resolved.


Where do I get the Student Responsibility / Insurance form?

This form is required for all students that have a 1:1 device (iPad, Laptop, etc)?  You may opt to purchase or waive the annual device insurance.
If you are a new student, you will be provided this form in your Enrollment Packet. 
At the start of each school year, students and their parents will be provided instruction and a link to read and sign the current year form.

When do students receive their iPads?

Students assigned devices keep them over the summer, unless the device is at the end of it's life-cycle and will be replaced.

New students and those assigned new devices will be receive them within the first 3 weeks from the start of the school year.

Will my student receive a new ipad or refurbished device?

Just like a textbook, your child may receive a new and/or refurbished device.

All refurbished devices undergo a thorough cleaning and inspection process prior to student assignment. 

Is training available for students on how to use the iPad?

Yes. Training is embedded in the curriculum and new students will receive more in-depth orientation from their teacher. 

Can parents opt their student out of using the iPad altogether?

The short answer is no; the benefits of a tool like this can only be achieved if the tool is used by all students.

Consult with your school principal or other administrator for special circumstances.


Can student's install their own apps?

Apps are made available to install via the App Portal that is available on all iPads.  There is a base set of apps that will be pushed out to student iPads by the TSD Technology department in support of classroom instruction. 
Student's do not have access the Apple's App Store.

What accessories will be provided with the iPad?

All 1:1 students will receive a cased iPad, power adapter and power cable from the Troy School District.  Some students will need earphones and/or microphone. Please see your building tech or teacher for earphone recommendations or if they are provided by your school/teacher. 
Some students receive a clip-on stand that attaches to the iPad case.


Damaged:  Have your child bring their iPad to their Building Computer Tech.  The Tech will send home a replacement form for the parent/guardian to sign.  DO NOT remove the case or take the iPad to the Apple Store or other repair facility.  
Stolen: Contact your Principal immediately so that the device can be locked down and provide the school with a copy of a police report, if applicable.
Missing:  Have you child see their Building Computer Tech immediately.  They have tools to potentially locate the device.
Each building has tech support on-site to assist students, staff and parents during school hours.


The Troy School District does not manage a student's Apple ID.  Not all students have Apple ID's, primarily Middle School Students.  You will need to contact Apple directly or via their website to reset the password.
If you child does not remember their device lock passcode, have them see the Building Computer Tech.  Most passcodes can be disabled, however, we have had instances where this was not possible and the device had to be wiped and reset. ​


The Troy School District supplies each child that received an iPad an Apple OEM or Certified lightening charging cable and adapter.  It is the responsibility of the child to take care of these items and keep them in working condition.  The Troy School District does not supply children with replacement cables or adapters during the school year if they become damaged or lost.  It the responsibility of the child or parent to replace the items with Apple Certified items.  Payment for missing items are assessed during iPad collections, at the end of the school year, or if your child is moving out of the district and has not returned their accessories.  Contact your building tech or call TSD Help Desk for additional information.


We have opened a Twitter account to increase communication channels to our students, parents, and educational community.  Please follow us at @TSDTechDept for important future communication.  You can also continue to direct questions and concerns to help@troy.k12.mi.us, as well as, talk to your local building technician throughout the school year.

The phone number for the TSD Help Desk is 248-823-5092.


If you are having difficulty opening web pages and it says that Safari cannot connect to the Server.  It is time to clear  the history and cookies from Safari on your iPad.
Here's how to clear information from your device:

  • To clear your history and cookies, tap Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. Clearing your history, cookies, and browsing data from Safari won't change your AutoFill information.
  • To clear your cookies and keep your history, tap Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data > Remove All Website Data.
  • When there's no history or website data to clear, the setting turns gray. The setting might also be gray if parental controls are set for websites. To check your settings, go to Settings > General > Restrictions, scroll to Allowed Content, then tap Websites.

Video recorded from student iPad showing how to clear the cache, if a student is having difficulty accessing websites after logging in correctly.

Is there technical support for student ipads in their school buildings?

Yes. An IT support staff member is available in the building to assist students with technical issues and at the Services Building.

Do students keep their ipad or other device over the summer?

Yes, 1:1 studnets keep their iPads over the summer months, unless directed by the school district. 

Students DO NOT keep the iPad, if they move out of the school district. 

The iPads and the accessories are the property of the Troy School District and must be returned to a designated staff member in your building. 

My student has their own ipad. Can they use their own?

No. The IT department for the Troy School District configures the iPad as a "managed" device to ensure we have consistent security, configuration, apps, and content. 

How do I Pay for insurance?

Insurance can be paid via PaySchools  or to pay by check payable to Troy School District (reference student name and school on check) and mailed  to Services Building - Tech Dept, 4420 Livernois, Troy, MI 48098

Are there content filtering restrictions on the iPad?

The filtering and restrictions on student iPads do not replace the need for parental supervision.   All usage violations are subject to the terms of the School Code of Conduct and the Troy School District Acceptable Use Policy.