How to Connect to Home Internet

How to Use Student iPads Outside of TSD at Home - Troy@Home App has been removed from iPad.
This is how your student will access the internet at home using the TSD filter. This filter provides the same protection at home as it does at school.
This needs to be done when using any Wi-Fi network outside of a TSD building


1. Connect to your home WIFI in settings.
2. Clear History and Website Data. Click Settings > Safari (Left Side of Screen) > Scroll Down and press Clear History and Website Data (Right Side of Screen).
3. Click home button to return to home screen and Click on the Safari App
4. Go to the following webpage: or or or
5. Go to a different webpage or empty the cache, if you have gone to this webpage before
6. Once prompted - Login with your student username/email and password when prompted on the blocked page.
7. Click Login
8. You are ready to open and use a new tab

It’s VERY IMPORTANT to leave the browser window open. If you want to use Safari, you will need to use a different tab so that the login tab stays open. If you are going to use an app, leave Safari open, and then push the home button to find and open an app.
If you continue to have issues, please consult with your Building Computer Tech.

Video recorded from student iPad showing how to log into Home Wifi Network.