Apple ID Update/COPPA Rules

Federal Trade Commission COPPA Rules

Troy School District is setting up a service with Apple that allows students to have Apple IDs in Apple's School Manager Environment that protects data and adheres to COPPA (Children Online Privacy and Protection Act) requirements.

If your student has created an Apple ID using their TSD email, previous to September 28, 2019, they will receive a message from Apple to change their email address. The only students that should have previously had an Apple ID are students that were 13 and over and created an Apple ID on their own. We have not, and do not, require Apple IDs for students to use iPads. This new tool, available from Apple, allows the ability for students to use iCloud to share and store documents, photos, etc., regardless of age, while still adhering to privacy laws. This method also provides each of our students with 25 GB of iCloud storage vs. the 5 GB users get when creating personal Apple IDs directly with Apple.

Since the accounts created previously were done directly with Apple, we had no way to communicate this is advance to impacted accounts. Since the majority of our student iPad users are under 13 we felt it would create more confusion sending a message to all families.

No action is necessary on the part of students, unless they have data stored in iCloud that they need to maintain. In order to keep this data, they will need a personal email account to update in the commercial Apple ID. Only students 13 and over can create personal, free email accounts per COPPA. 

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