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Food Service  |  Wellness Committee Policy

Troy Schools Wellness Committee is made up of eighteen members including, board members, school administrators, an assistant superintendent, athletic director, principals, teachers, food service staff, and parents. Our committee meets quarterly throughout the year to discuss various ideas to improve the health and well-being of our students and staff.

If you have any questions or suggestions or would like to serve on our wellness committee contact Gayle Moran, Food Service Director, at 248-823-5059

Wellness Policy (2000.073-AR)

Within its Policy 2000.07, Health and Safety, the Board of Education has addressed student wellness. The Policy includes mention of proper nutrition and nutrition education, physical education and the importance of regular physical activity. The purpose of this Regulation is to implement the Wellness Policy.
  1. Advisory Committee:   
A committee will be established by the Superintendent to consider nutrition and physical activity matters for the School District. Responsibilities of the committee may include the following:
  • Implementation of district nutrition and physical activity standards;
  • Integration of nutrition and physical activity in the overall curriculum;
  • Assurance that staff professional development includes nutrition and physical activity issues;
  • Assurance that students receive nutrition education and engage in vigorous physical activity.  
The committee will develop a report for the Superintendent that includes the following information:
  • Monthly district menus and meal counts;
  • Listing of all a la carte, vending, and competitive foods sold by school food service;
  • Listing of all other sales of foods throughout the district, including vending machines, school stores, culinary and special education programs, in-school and in-class fundraiser, etc.; and a  
  • Listing of physical activity programs and opportunities for students throughout the year.