Food Service


Overview & Mission

The Troy Schools Food Service Department, which is contracted by Chartwells, is seeking friendly people willing to fill various vacancies within the Food Service Department that are responsible for providing lunches to the students of the Troy School District. Not to worry if you haven’t had previous experience, as “on the job” training will be available!

Depending on the school, the hours would primarily be during the middle of the day, and would range from 3 to 4 hours a day. And you would be earning some extra money while your students are in school! Come join our Food Service Staff by calling 248-823-5089, or please email us at

I look forward to hearing from you!

Gayle M. Moran, Troy Schools Food Service Liaison

Meal Prices & Tweets

Elementary Meal Prices 

 Student Breakfast           $1.65
 Reduced Breakfast     $0.30
 Student Lunch      $2.40
 Reduced Lunch     $0.40

Secondary Meal Prices 

Student Breakfast  $1.65
Reduced Breakfast $0.30
Student Lunch $2.65-$4.00
Reduced Lunch  $0.40