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Fine Arts  |  Vocal Music Program K-12

Students will sing often (and make art) in ways that are true to them. 

Healthy, Technically-Sound Singing (For Soloists or Group Singers)

  • Matching pitch, throughout vocal range and registers: Students will sing in tune/match pitch within a healthy vocal range, throughout their registers
  • Singing in Connection to breath and body: Students will sing with command over/in connection to their breath and bodies
  • “Stylistically Agreed Upon ” Diction: Students will sing with stylistically accurate/appropriate/applicable vowels and consonants in various languages (when appropriate)
  • Singing with Phrasing and Expression: Students will express musical phrases, lines, and text with expression and craft-personship
  • Vocal Register Knowledge and Application: Students will be able to identify/describe vocal registers through listening; and sing in high and low registers
  • Singing in Diverse Styles: Students will sing in diverse vocal styles

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Connections

  • Confidence and Stage Presence: Students will sing with confidence and poise
  • Self-Expression and Enjoyment: Students will enjoy singing and express their unique selves through singing
  • Rehearsal and Concert Etiquette: Students will participate in class and performances with agreed upon behaviors that are respectful to the music and people in the space.
  •  Blend and Listening to One Another: Students will sing with regard to one another and in a varied, when applicable, “cohesive” sound

(Especially) Important in Ensemble Singing

  • Part Singing: Students will sing in unison and/or parts
  • Group/Solo Singing: Students will have opportunities to sing alone and with others
  • Sight-Singing: Students will have opportunities to sight-sing

Creativity in Vocal Music

  • Improvisation in Singing: Students will have opportunities to improvise vocal melodies
  • Composing Vocal Music: Students will have opportunities to song write and/or arrange music