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Enrollment |  New K-12 Grade Student Enrollment

Greetings from Central Enrollment. Thank you for your interest in enrolling into the Troy School District. 

Please note that the student must by physically living in the attendance area in order to start the enrollment process.  Enrollment is a two step process that is completed online. The first step is Registration.  Once you are given approval, you will receive directions to set up your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account where you will complete the second step, Enrollment Forms and Supporting Documentation.  Please go through each form in its entirety and upload required supporting documentation.  When documentation is required it will be noted at the bottom of the form you are completing.  We understand that you may not have access to a scanner, your cell phone or tablet can be used to scan your documents. Click HERE for instructions for how to use your mobile device as a scanner. You may also consider taking a picture on your cell phone and uploading that picture as your documentation if needed.

Please remain patient while we work through the finalization of your student’s enrollment as there may be requests through the process to provide additional information when appropriate prior to final approval.
Thank you,
One Troy




Enrollment Coordinators