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Immunizations are an important part of keeping our children healthy.  Schools and State and Local health departments must monitor immunization levels to ensure that all communities are protected from potentially life-threatening diseases and, if necessary, respond promptly to an emerging public health threat. It is important that disease threats be minimized through the monitoring of students being immunized.

The State of Michigan has vaccine requirements for children attending school in Michigan. All doses of vaccines must be valid and follow the CDC Immunization Schedule for number of doses, correct spacing and ages.  If a child has not received MMR or Varicella vaccines, documented immunity is required.  During disease outbreaks, incompletely vaccinated children may be excluded from school.

Each year we are required to report to the state the immunization status of Kindergarteners, 7th Graders and Students New to the District.  If your student falls into one of these categories you will be contacted if their immunizations are not up to date.

Michigan Required Immunizations

CDC Guidelines