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Troy School District will continue the “Pay to Participate” program for athletics, clubs and intramural activities for the 2018-19 school year. The district will assess a fee to those students participating in interscholastic athletics (Grade 7-12). In addition, a separate fee will be assessed to students (Grade 6-12) who participate in intramural and/or club activities.

Concussion Info

Concussion injuries can occur during sports and other activities and should always be taken seriously. New Michigan Department of Community Health regulations require that we share information with parents and students regarding concussions.

This LINK will take to you a video produced by the CDC that provides more information on concussions and what to do if you suspect one.

This LINK will take you to important written information that all students and their parents MUST review regarding concussions. The second page is a sign off sheet that MUST BE SIGNED by students and parents before a student will be allowed to participate in athletics, recess, physical education classes or other physical activities after June 30th of the current year.

Please return the sign off sheet to your coach or school office.