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Athletics  |  Grades 6-12


High School Athletic Programs

Troy School District students participate in 29 different sports activities. Both Athens and Troy High School have been named one of 10 exemplary athletic programs in the state.  Click the links below to access the High School Athletic Programs.

General Athletic Information


Athletic Registration:  Final Forms

Parents, please take a few minutes to register your student-athlete for the upcoming school year.  New this year: registration is being done using Final Forms.  This one-time registration will take approximately 15 minutes--you will only need to update changes, no need to re-register.

Click Here to Access FinalForms



Start FinalForms Registration Instructions

Guardians must start the FinalForms registration process before student athletes can log into their account and set their password. Both student and guardian are required to complete and sign all forms before students can tryout or start practicing.

You will need the following information for your student athlete to allow for accurate completion of the Online FinalForm Registration Process
⃞   |  Students Personal Email Address
⃞   |  Basic Medical History & Health Information
⃞   |  Insurance Company & Policy Number
⃞   |  Doctor & Dentist Contact Information
⃞   |  Hospital Preference
⃞   |  A Completed Physical
⃞   |  Any extra required forms 

Athletic Physicals

Helpful Tips for Registering on FinalForms


Troy School District is using the online system, FinalForms, for families to complete athletics registration for our student athletes. In addition, athletes can register for multiple seasons at the same time!

FinalForms pre-populates information when possible, saving time if you have multiple student athletes and season-to-season. Users may login any time to update information including emergency medical contacts and health information, so that coaches and trainers have the most up to date information.

Suggestion: In Final Forms, select the checkbox for every sport your student is even slightly interested in. This will ensure that you/your student receives information about practices and tryouts, and will allow you to sign all of the required waivers and forms now, rather than having to scramble at the start of each season.

Please Note: Users will be required to sign forms once per year and anytime an update is made. 

*Final Athletic Clearance from the TSD Athletic Office is required prior to participating in any sports.