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2024 Millage Report  |  Operating Millage Renewal Proposal


Quick Facts About the Election
No change to current tax rates
  • The August 6 proposal has two parts: renewal of the 18 mill non- homestead operating millage and renewal of the 5.7313 hold harmless millage.
  • All Michigan school districts are required to levy a non-homestead operating millage of 18 mills to receive their full foundation allowance.
  • The non-homestead operating millage will have no effect on a homeowner’s primary residence (the home in which a Troy homeowner lives). It is levied on businesses, second homes, vacant properties, and rental properties.
  • The hold harmless millage was first approved by Troy voters in 1994 with the approval of Proposal A.
  • The hold harmless millage supports the operational budget for the Troy School District.
  • If these millages are not renewed by Troy voters, the school district will lose $42.5 million in operating revenue. This will necessitate substantial reductions in the educational program.
  • All registered voters living in the Troy School District can vote on this proposal at the polls on August 6 (or by absentee ballot).



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