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Health & Wellness  |  Medical Forms & Information

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The Troy School District (TSD), is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all students! Updated Medication Authorization Forms and Medical Action Plans (MAPs), are required at the start of every school year and expire on the last day of instruction. The Medication Authorization Forms and MAP provides TSD with required medical direction from your primary, licensed health care provider and allows staff to provide services, such as, medication administration, medical interventions and/or medical procedures. Safe and legal interventions (without prescriber orders), will be provided and include: soap, water, ice, comfort, and adhesive bandages.

Please note the following:

All medication must be in the original container or pharmacy prescription bottle labeled with the student's name, medication name, dosage and frequency to dispense instructions. NO EXPIRED MEDICATION will be administered. All forms are posted below. Click on the desired condition or subject and you will find the correct form and other resource information. 

Written authorization and order completed and signed by the student’s physician and a parent/guardian is required before any medication can be given at school. Medications include prescription, over-the-counter, topical, eye or ear drops, nasal sprays or mists, and inhalers.

Forms can be found in the PowerSchool Parent Portal and your child's school office.

Thank you

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Information & Forms

Accessible forms are available in the PowerSchool Parent Portal or by contacting PowerSchool Support at pssupport@troy.k12.mi.us