Writing  |  Determining the Need


Points to Consider: Student, Environment, Task & Tool


  • Does the student have physical challenges that interfere with their ability to produce written work?

  • What is the student's reading level and comprehension as related to writing expectations?

  • Is the student able to organize thoughts, initiate writing and sequence written material?


  • Are there universal supports available in the environment (program, classroom, building, district) that can first be trialed with the student to determine the need?

  • What technology tools are utilized by peers, and would alternative hardware, and software of web-based writing supports be compatible?

  • Are there adults available to assist with the implementation of alternative supports?


  • In what areas of written expression does your student need additional support with accessing the curriculum? For example, handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, sentence and paragraph structure, production, text structure, etc.

  • What activities have the team prioritized for increased access? For example, copying, test and quizzes, worksheets, essays, etc...


  • What tools are available to support the student's tasks that require the most support?

  • Does the student need to be trained on using this tool?