Study & Organization  |  Determining the Need


Points to Consider: Student, Environment, Task & Tool


  • Does the student struggle with organization of time, have difficulty getting started, miss deadlines, keep track of information?

  • Does the student demonstrate inability to self-regulate, stay on task, organize materials?

  • Is the student able to remember and follow multi-step directions?


  • Are there universal supports available in the environment (program, classroom, building, district) that can first be trialed with the student to support organization and independence?

  • Is there time to teach organizational skills within the curriculum or build in more structure?

  • What tools and supports are available in the home environment?


  • What subject areas for studying and/or organization does your student need additional support? For example arriving ready for learning with materials needed, organizing papers and materials, initiating assignments, completing work, generating a multi-step plan, utilizing an organizational system, etc.


  • What tools (whether light, middle, or high-tech) are available to facilitate a stronger study and/or organizational outcome?

  • What tools may support self-regulation and management?

  • What tools will support time management, information management and material management?