Reading  |  Determining the Need


Points to Consider: Student, Environment, Task & Tool


  • Does the student have physical challenges that interfere with access to print materials?

  • What is the student's ability to process, comprehend and use language?

  • Is your student's reading instruction appropriate for their level of access and achievement?

  • What is the student's ability to comprehend audio text?


  • Are there universal supports available in the environment (program, classroom, building, district) that can first be trialed with the student?

  • Are digital versions of classroom texts or reading assignments available within the environment?

  • Does the student's current technology have accessibility features that might assist with the accessibility of text?


  • In what areas of reading does your student need additional support with accessing the curriculum? Consider: curriculum texts, worksheets, test/quizzes, websites, slide decks, etc.

  • What activities have the team prioritized for increased access?

  • Are these tasks printed or digital text?


  • What tools are available to support access to hands-on or printed versions of text (worksheets, workbooks, articles, etc.)

  • What tools are available to support access to digital versions of text?

  • What types of training might be required for this student when determining a tool?

  • Trial new tools, based on the identification of priority tasks and activities.