Math  |  Determining the Need


Points to Consider: Student, Environment, Task & Tool


  • Does the student understand age/grade level math concepts and functions?

  • Can the student handle and process multiple steps?

  • Does the student have physical challenges that interfere with access?


  • Is the math instruction appropriate for the student's level of understanding and achievement?

  • Are manipulatives or digital versions of math materials available?

  • Are there adults available to assist with adapting the materials or curriculum?


  • In what areas of math does your student need additional support with accessing the curriculum?

  • What activities have the team prioritized for increased access?


  • What tools or supports have been tried, and why did they succeed or fail?

  • What is the student's level of independence operating a specific tool?

  • What types of training might be required for this student when determining a tool?

  • Will tools be available when the student transitions to the next classroom or school?

  • Trial new tools, based on identification of priority tasks and activities.