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Friday, February 23 through Sunday, February 25

10:00am/5:00pm "The High Cost of Free Love," featuring Pam Stenzel

11:05am/6:05pm 2017 Wattles Elementary School Talent Show
1:10pm/8:10pm TSD TALKS: Social, Emotional & Physical Well-Being
1:25pm/8:25pm Larson Middle School presents, "St. Mathew's High & The Great Switch"

2:00pm/9:00pm Troy vs. Stoney Creek Varsity Hockey

3:30pm/10:30pm Troy Youth Assistance presents, "Teaching Mindfulness to Teens"


Monday, February 26 & Wednesday, February 28

10:00am/5:00pm Barnard Elementary School presents, "Music Fun"

10:25am/5:25pm Women Officials Network presents, "Presenting with Presence & Credibility"

11:00pm/6:00pm Troy Youth Assistance presents, "The Right to be the Grownup"

12:35pm/7:35pm 2017 Hill Elementary School Talent Show

2:00pm/9:00pm Troy Board of Education Meeting (MON 1/16 Mtg., WED 2/27 Mtg.)

3:00pm/10:00pm 2017 Troy High School Culture Show

4:20pm/11:20pm 2017 Troy High School Freshman Orchestra "Concert for the Future"


Tuesday, February 27 & Thursday, March 1

10:00am/5:00pm Troy Union Elementary School presents, "United By Song"

10:25am/5:25pm 2017 Schroeder World Tour

11:00am/6:00pm Baker vs. Larson 7th Grade Boys Basketball

12:00pm/7:00pm Schroeder Elementary 3rd Grade Salutes America!

12:25pm/7:25pm TSD TALKS:  Social, Emotional & Physical Well-Being

12:45pm/7:45pm 2018 Athens High School Orchestra featuring Moxie Strings

2:00pm/9:00pm Troy vs. Farmington Varsity Hockey

3:00pm/10:00pm International Academy presents, "2017 Indian American Student Association Show"


Friday, March 2 through Sunday, March 4

10:00am/5:00pm 2017 Troy Youth Assistance Student Recognition Awards

11:15am/6:15pm 2017 Troy High Colt Spectacular Marching Band
12:00pm/7:00pm 2018 Larson Middle School Mid-Winter Band Concert

12:35pm/7:35pm 2018 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

12:50pm/7:50pm 2018 One Troy Teachers of the Year
1:00pm/8:00pm Troy vs. Seaholm Girls Varsity Basketball

2:30pm/9:30pm Troy vs. South Lyon Varsity Hockey

4:00pm/11:00pm Boulan vs. Smith 8th Grade Boys Basketball









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