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iPad Opt-Out Program



Can a parent “Opt-Out” of the iPad program for the 3rd-8th grade iPad Program?

Yes, if a parent does not want their child to bring the iPad home – they can “opt-out” of taking the iPad home and do not have to sign the iPad responsibility form.  They MUST still sign the AUP.  The iPad never goes home with the child, when your student is "Opted-Out".


What does “Opt-Out” mean?

"Opt-Out" means the iPad is placed in your school's Media Center (or with a specific classroom teacher, if that makes sense, based on the need) and checked in/out daily.  The iPad will not go home;  It will be used in the classroom as a learning tool. If they have homework, they will need to use their own computers at home or a paper copy will be provided.


Can a Parent Opt back in, if they change their mind?

Yes, a parent can "Opt" their child back in at any time.  They will be responsible for signing the iPad Responsibility Form so that the student can take the iPad home and the AUP, if one has not been previously signed.  


Why do they still need to sign the AUP?

Yes, signing the AUP will allow your student access and usage of district computers in labs, classrooms, smartboards, ipads, as well as, have internet access/connection.  It is important that all students have access to technology; without a signed AUP your student will not be able to use these technologies. 

If you have further questions or concerns, please see your building principal.