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Food Service » FAQ - Food Service Accounts

FAQ - Food Service Accounts

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How can I add funds to my child's lunch account?
     -Money can be added to your child's lunch account by either sending him/her with cash or check, or by creating an account on
      -If you send your child with cash or check, please place the funds in an envelope with their Name/Teacher's Name printed on the envelope.
     -Checks are made payable to Troy Food Service. allows you to make payments with a Credit/Debit Card or Electronic Check.
How can I transfer funds between accounts or obtain a refund for an account?
      -Please call the office at 248-823-5089 if you wish to request an account balance transfer or refund.
What happens to the remaining funds at the end of the school year?
       -The funds in your child's lunch account will stay there for the duration of their school career.
How can I monitor my child's purchasing activity?
        -You can view your child's activity on If you have any special dietary restrictions, please contact our office at 248-823-5089.
Where can I view the Menu Nutritional Information?
        -Nutritional Information can be found on the Sodexo My Way website.