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Elementary ELD Program

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Elementary ELD Program

Program Eligibility

If a student is identified as having a native or primary home language that is other than English on the  Language Use Survey, the ELD Specialist in the building of attendance will be notified.
Within ten days of the entry date, a student who is identified as potentially eligible on the  Language Use Survey must be assessed to determine if he/she is eligible for ELD services. The student is assessed in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing English, using the WIDA ACCESS For ELs or the W-APT.
A student who scores any of the six levels on the WIDA ACCESS For ELs or the W-APT is eligible for ELD support. However, additional multiple academic criteria must be considered by the district for a student who scores Reaching to continue receiving services.
Program Description

There are two basic ways students receive support:
Individually or small group (pull-out)
Within their classroom (push-in)

ELD Specialist Team

Joan Porter email Sara Cavataio email
Susan Reid email Danielle Andresen email
Sarah Mockeridge email Leah Vohs email
Kyle Von Plagenhoef email Lindsay Long email
Ashourina Yousif email Lisa Georges email
Caryn Leonard email Susan Reid email
Mary J Thomas email Kelsey Witt email
Christin Silagy email