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Medical Forms



If you have a child(ren) that have allergies and/or any other health issues requiring medications, the following forms are required in order for the school to be able to administer the medication(s):
  • Medical Authorization Form – a form must be completed for each medication
    (ex: Benadryl, EpiPen, inhaler, etc.), and signed by the physician and the parent/guardian. To access Medical Authorization Form Click here
  • FARE Form – (Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan) – this replaces the FAAN Form. It really has the same content, but is just more visual, so it makes it an easily viewable document to help in quickly determining symptoms and how to treat them. This form must be signed by the physician and parent/guardian.  To access FARE Form Click here 

Medication must be given to the office in its “original” bottle with the following information:
  • student’s name
  • name of medication
  • dosage
  • schedule
  • restrictions and/or important side effects
  • special storage requirements

  • These forms must be resubmitted annually.
  • Any changes to a student’s medications and SBMP (School-Based Management Plan) must be approved and signed by their doctor using the forms listed above.

Leftover Medications:

At the end of each school year, parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for picking up any leftover medication(s) for their child. The parents must sign and date that they picked up the medication(s).
Any questions, please contact your school's office staff.