Elementary Students participating in a Declaration of Independence Debate with teacher - Photo

Social Studies

Grades Kindergarten-12th Grade

Troy School District students develop an understanding of key concepts in the following Social Studies topics:  Elementary: Civics, History, Economics, and Geography;  Middle School: World Geography, World History & Geography, and Integrated U.S. History;  High School:  World History & Geography, U.S. History & Geography, Civics, and Economics.

Evan Rokicki

Titles: Staff, Curriculum & Instructional Specialist: K-12 Social Studies
Locations: Service Center
Departments: Teaching & Learning
Elementary Students sitting on floor in classroom discussing a topic - Photo
Barnard Elementary Flag Raising with Students Outside Building -  2022 Photo
First page of the PDF file: Social_Studies_Standards-k12
First page of the PDF file: C3 Social Studies Framework State Standards PDF
First page of the PDF file: A Vision of Powerful Teaching and Learning in the Social Studies PDF NCSS