Science Curriculum

In the Troy School District, we believe that a quality science education can help expand opportunities for all students. 

Our curriculum decisions are aligned with the Michigan Science Standards which are designed to provide an equitable, high-quality science education for all students. These science standards will enable students to develop a deeper understanding of science beyond memorizing facts and experience similar scientific and engineering practices as those used by professionals in the field.

We believe that for students to be informed citizens of the world, they need to develop scientific reasoning skills and have opportunities to be challenged by real-life phenomena. Throughout their years in Troy, students will build capacity for connecting knowledge across and between, the physical sciences, life sciences, earth and space sciences, and engineering design. In order for students to develop scientific knowledge, they need to be engaged in “doing science” by using the same practices employed by scientists and engineers. Key concepts are developed with greater sophistication as students advance through the grades. Understanding is developed by engaging in Science and Engineering Practices and connecting to key overarching ideas (Crosscutting Concepts).


Parent Guides & Science Standards

K-12 Science Practices & Concepts

Marie Woodman

Titles: Staff, Curriculum & Instructional Specialist: K-12 Science
Locations: Service Center
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