5th Grade  |  Math Curriculum

In fifth grade, students continue to investigate naming numbers in a variety of ways, including factors, exponents, fractions, decimals. They continue to practice with the division algorithm and apply their strategies for whole-number computation to decimals.

Fractions are used in measurement, equivalent forms, ratios, and addition and subtraction situations. Decimal and percent concepts are extended to equivalent forms, number lines, grids, probability, and circle graphs. Fifth graders use manipulatives to explore negative numbers and simple algebraic expressions and problems. They link their measurement and algebra skills by using formulas to find perimeters, areas, and volumes of shapes and solids. They continue their study of geometry, working with angles, 2-D and 3-D figures, and corresponding math tools.

Fifth graders participate in a yearlong American Tour. They examine changes in population, societal trends, demographics, and geography of the United States from its beginnings to the present. This integrated project allows students to use mathematics as a tool in a variety of applications. As with the other grade levels, parent involvement with Math Links is an important part of the program.

Math Standards & Grade Level Topics