4th Grade  |  Math Curriculum

Fourth graders explore geometry concepts and apply shape properties to create geometric figures. They use several different techniques to find the perimeter and area of assorted shapes. Children in fourth grade apply their knowledge of math facts to fact extensions, such as 4 X 8 = 32 so 40 X 80 = 3200, and develop strategies for multi-digit multiplication problems. They use their knowledge of estimation, place value, and the relationship between multiplication and division to develop a division strategy.

Children are able to apply a variety of strategies for adding or subtracting multi-digit numbers and can apply them to situations involving decimal values. In the fourth grade, children use manipulatives to conduct probability experiments and to explore equivalent decimals and percents. Homework pages are now called Math Links.

Fourth-grade students experience a yearlong project, the World Tour. They "travel" to Washington, D.C. from Troy and then "visit" five other regions of the world. Math skills include reading tables for information, collecting numerical data, using map scales to estimate distance, locating points on a grid, and using latitude and longitude for locations on Earth. Children are also involved in performing experiments and conducting surveys where they have the opportunity to collect and organize data, display the information, and analyze and interpret the results.

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