2nd Grade  |  Math Curriculum

Second graders focus on thinking and communicating mathematically. The children have real-life math experiences in order to practice problem solving and build a true understanding of the mathematical concepts they need. Hands-on activities and math games are used to review and learn extended addition and subtraction facts. Students spend time sharing the strategies they used to solve mental math problems. They learn that there are a variety of ways to get the same answer. Students become familiar with arrays, which serve as the foundation for multiplication and division fact families.

Money becomes a basis for many math skills in second grade. Students are expected to know the values of coins and the exchange value among U.S. coins. The calculator is used for entering and computing money amounts. Graphing, calendar skills, geometry concepts, and telling time are taught throughout the year. As with the other grade levels, parent involvement with Home Links is an important part of the program.

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