English Language Arts:  Grades 9-12

Through units of study, Troy ELA students will be widely and explicitly immersed in books to support growth in academic language and concepts, along with support in growing social-emotional skills, empathy, community, critical lenses, growth-mindset, and more.  (TCRWP, In Defense of Balanced Literacy, January 2020)

Responsive Classroom

  • Regular feedback from teacher and peers
  • Decisions guided by formative information
  • Students become agents for their learning
  • Methods enable students to discover
  • Consistent routines for instruction
  • Daily modeling of desired strategies
  • Strategy-based instruction
  • Understand reading and writing progressions

Authentic Literacy

  • Student choice of topic (writing), text (reading)
  • Write and read for real purposes
  • Write and read for real audiences
  • Progress celebrated regularly
  • Opportunities to be innovative
  • Process valued over product
  • Protected time for reading and writing


Secondary Curriculum Information

TSD World Class Mission & Vision