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In the Troy School District, we believe learning is powerful when students feel safe, valued, supported, and empowered.  We know from decades of research that students’ academic, social, and emotional development are intertwined and mutually reinforcing.  It is our job to ensure that our young people develop not only academic prowess and skill, but also a strong sense of passion, career preparation, and inter-personal development.  It is our duty to design deep learning experiences that enable ALL of our students to realize their potential.   



  • We offer a rigorous curriculum designed to ensure that all students are college and career ready. Our curriculum meets all national and state standards. 

  • We regularly review our curriculum and instruction to ensure alignment with the most current thinking from the field.   

  • We believe high standards for students means even higher standards for educators.  Our teachers receive regular professional development and are prepared to meet the needs of all students. 

Natalie Haezebrouck, Director of Teaching & Learning
Rhoda Hall, Administrative Assistant

Our goal is to serve our students, staff and community.  Contact us at (248) 823-5221 or email Teaching & Learning Department.

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