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DEI  |  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

TROY SCHOOL DISTRICT is committed to sustaining a diverse and inclusive community in which each member is respected and valued. We believe that a diversity of voices and backgrounds enriches the educational experience by encouraging variety of thought, social awareness, and a creative exchange of ideas. An important goal of a Troy School District education is to provide our students with a global perspective to navigate an increasingly interconnected world. All members of the TSD community share a collective responsibility to teach acceptance and embrace differences in order to learn and flourish in an inclusive community.

We believe that a diversity of voices and backgrounds enriches the educational experience. 
~ Diversity & Inclusion Committee

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Chantelle Yancy

Chantelle Yancy

NON-REP OTHER, Supervisor of Educational Equity, Inclusion, and Community Relations

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Equity & Inclusion Diagnostic Survey Results

In Spring 2021, Troy School District (TSD) invited students, parents, and staff members to participate in a survey gathering stakeholder perceptions of the district's efficacy in key equity-related areas.  TSD will use the survey results to inform priorities and goals for the present  and future school years.

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EQUITY is providing the access, opportunities and supports needed to help students, families and staff reach their full potential by removing barriers to success that individuals face. It does not mean equal or giving everyone the same thing.


INCLUSION is making sure all individuals are engaged participants in the learning environment and community. All students, families and staff members feel valued, respected, appreciated and involved. Individuals see their unique identities reflected in all facets of education including staffing, curriculum, instruction and activities.

DIVERSITY is recognizing, accepting and respecting that individuals come from many different life experiences with various frames of reference and perspectives. While diversity values unique perspectives and individual differences, it also values the commonalities we all share. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, race/ethnicity, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, language, culture, religion/ beliefs, mental and physical ability, age and national origin.