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Friday, September 1 through Monday, September 4

10:05am/5:05pm Strategies for Managing Problems with Executive Functioning

10:50am/5:50pm 2017 International Academy Commencement

1:00pm/8:00pm 2017 Troy High School Commencement

3:00pm/10:00pm 2017 Athens High School Commencement


Tuesday, September 5 through Thursday, September 7

10:00am/5:00pm "2017 Festival of Orchestras", featuring Barnard, Morse, Wattles, Baker & Athens

10:40am/5:40pm "2017 Martell Elementary 1st Grade Informance," featuring Ms. Dubay's Class

11:10am/6:10pm "2017 Festival of Choirs," featuring Costello, Hill, Wass, Larson & Athens

12:00pm/7:00pm Schroeder Elementary 5th Grade presents, "The Road to the Revolution"

12:40pm/7:40pm Barnard Elementary School 1st Grade Informance

1:00pm/8:00pm Troy College & Career High School, Continuing Education & Troy Intersect Commencement

1:55pm/8:55pm "2017 Festival of Orchestras", featuring Bemis, Schroeder, Boulan & Troy High

2:35pm/9:35pm 2017 Athens High School Honors Convocation


Friday, September 8 through Sunday, September 10

10:00am/5:00pm 2017 Hill Elementary Kindergarten Spring Celebration

10:35am/5:35pm 2017 Troy High School Spring Choir Concert
12:00pm/7:00pm Bemis Elementary School 5th Grade presents, "American Revolution Musical"
1:00pm/8:00pm 2017 Troy High School Spring Band Concert

2:35pm/9:35pm Holocaust Survivor Michael Weiss & World War II Vet William Yaeger

3:20pm/10:20pm 2017 Troy High School Honors Convocation




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