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Cable Schedule Comcast 19, WOW 15 


Monday, September 18 & Wednesday, September 20

10:00am/5:00pm "2017 Showcase of Bands," featuring Costello, Hill, Troy Union, Wass, Larson & Athens

10:40am/5:40pm 2017 Troy Foundation for Educational Excellence Innovator of the Year

11:00am/6:00pm 2017 Schroeder Elementary School 3rd Grade Informance

11:30am/6:30pm "Authors in Bloom," featuring Kelly DiPucchio

12:30pm/7:30pm 2017-18 Welcome Back!

1:00pm/8:00pm 2017 Athens High School Ethnic Festival

2pm/9pm MON 2017 Athens High School Spring Band Concert

2pm/9pm WED Troy Board of Education Meeting (9/19/76)

3:30pm/10:30pm 2017 International Academy East Tea House


Tuesday, September 19 & Thursday, September 21

10:00am/5:00pm "2017 Showcase of Bands," featuring Barnard, Morse, Wattles, Baker & Athens

10:40am/5:40pm Executive Functioning: Helping Children Visualize the Steps Involved in Completing Tasks at Home

12:00pm/7:00pm TSD TALKS: What is World Class?:

12:30pm/7:30pm 2017 Bemis Elementary 5th Grade Singing Superstars

1:00pm/8:00pm "2017 College Application & Admissions Process," featuring Jim Cotter of MSU

2:00pm/9:00pm Athens vs. Berkley Boys Varsity Soccer

3:30pm/10:30pm 2017 International Academy East Spring Choir & Orchestra Concert


Friday, September 22 through Sunday, September 24

10:00am/5:00pm "2017 Showcase of Bands," featuring Bemis, Schroeder, Boulan & Troy High

10:40am/5:40pm "2017 Festival of Orchestras," featuring Hamilton, Leonard, Martell, Smith & Troy High
11:30am/6:30pm "Road Map to Improved Outcomes for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder," featuring Maureen Ziegler, ED.S.
1:00pm/8:00pm Troy vs. Seaholm Varsity Volleyball

2:30pm/9:30pm Athens vs. Lake Orion Homecoming Football







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